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    Top 15 Happy Quotes

    Life is all about happiness and the most interesting thing is at most of the time actually you have the choice of being happy or not. Happiness inducts newness in your life and everything starts to be seemed beautiful and lovely. A smile on your face could change your mood and you will start thinking positively.

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    32 Beautiful Happy Quotes

    A smiling person is never out of style, be your own sunshine and remember smiling ladies a re the prettiest .. I just try to remember these and get them in my life but most of the times it does not works for me but I hope it will work for you ,, some more quotes are following to motivate you for happiness and sunshine i guess….

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    33 Happy Quotes

    Remember that if something is not working for you, you need to move on, holding can be more painful then letting go. To be happy is totally in your control, just try to find the positivity in every moment, and know that happy persons are the prettiest persons

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    Top 49 Must read Happiness Quotes

    Best Happiness Positive Life Quotes & sayings Here are some quotes in ‘written‘ to view “Top 49 Happiness quotes on images” just scroll down a bit 🙂 Happiness is the ability of one to feel happy. This determined by what comes out of it in a life of a person. When happiness is there one can be able to find success and wonderful relationship with others in life. The following are some of the best quotes that are used in describing happiness. Happiness is not a goal, but a by-product of life well lived. Compassion is one of the most immediate and long-term and happiness in our lives. It is…

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    Happy Quotes

    Top 10 Happy Quotes   1.Smile when you have a chance. Not because you are successful in life or because of what you have fulfilled. Just be happy because you have something that somebody else does not have. 2. If you want to achieve anything on earth, then be yourself. 3. Do not worry so much about tomorrow, it will come and go. 4. Share your happiness with others rather than struggling to make them happy. 5. Your past has nothing to do with your present and future success. Do not pay attention on your failures. 6. The happiest person on earth is the one with good people around him or…

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