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    Top 20 Love Quotes

    Love is the most beautiful feeling of the world. It can be the best as well as the worst thing happen to you in life. It could bring you up to the stars or could bury you in the ground. Whatever it does to you if it once happen to you than you will become addicted to it it like a drug. You will die without it. Love is such a complicated phenomenon but some writers had tried to explain it via their quotes. Lets have a look whether we could understand it or not.

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    Top 32 Crazy Falling in Love Quotes

    Love is meant to be adventure … when I with you I feel like I am where I belong .. Forever in Love – Best love Quotes Saying. written by: bettymom Can you feel that monotony provides settled over your really like life? Need to spice the romance with your beloved? One very easy along with an intelligent way to do this is by throwing in a few love quotes and sayings in the mix if you are with your loved a single. Your loved one will surely appreciate the effort you get to select these really like quotes and sayings and also who knows, they might just surprise you…

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    Top 30 Minion Love quotes

    Minion Love quotes Minions are cute adorable and funny. They are also now pretty famous on Internet, they already have whopping 34 Million fans on facebook. To feed your craze about minions a little bit here is collection of some funny and some touching love quotes by minions, hope you will love them !

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    Top 35 Funny Love Quotes that will make you laugh

    Most Funniest Love Quotes Most of the times love ends in hurt and whatever you do there is not much you can do to change it. So why not have some fun along with being sad and getting hurt, eh? So below i have some written quotes and after that there will be funny love quotes on images. so make sure to read them all it will make you feel lighter ! 1. “They say you cannot survive without love, but I feel oxygen is more imperative” 2. ” Love is masking who you actually are at all times- It is similar to wearing make-up while going off to sleep…

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    #Friendship #Quotes | Top 15 Best Friend Quotes Collection

    1.A best friend will never need an explanation from you in any situation and if need it, he is not your best friend. 2.In a friendship, nothing is yours or mine, its always ours and best friend live their life in this way only. 3.A good friend will ask you if you can do this work for me, a best friend would say buddy, you have to do this for me and you got no other option. 4.When you do not say a single word, but your friend understands each and everything is called the true friendship. 5.A true friend will always try to take all of your sorrow and…

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    Best love quotes collection part 2

    Love is surely an amazing feeling which just happens to any one at any time and any where in this world    To view more amazing quotes , quotations and sayings. One must not get worried but rather should just click Next                                                          

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    list of top love quotes part 1

    List of top love quotes, Love is something special in our lives, it is always said love just happens and is one of the best feeling you can ever have..     To view more amazing and beautiful Love Quotes just simply click next                                      

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    Top 30 positive quotes

    Top 30 positive quotes     To view more quotes simple click next   Also read Best Mohamed Salah Quotes Here                                                            

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